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Don’t waste your time with anyone else! Call Best Bet Garage! They’re 24/7. TRUST ME!

Caleb is never short of excellent with everything he does. It turned out my garage was having issues opening and closing because I did the spring replacement myself and bought the wrong springs and installed it incorrectly. Luckily I still have all 10 of my fingers.

Caleb replaced my springs for a super good price using oil-tempered springs instead of the galvanized steel I had wrongly bought. He was in and out in less than an hour. Everything worked absolutely great, but we decided to just upgrade to a zero-maintenance LiftMaster Smart belt-driven opener, and WOW! I love this thing. Caleb actually has the same one at his home. If you’re looking someone to trust, it’s someone who can personally geek out about the product he sells. He also installed the new opener in about an hour as well. Caleb will take care of anything you need!