What keeps garage door movement straight and smooth? While a variety of parts contribute to this fundamental action, the most important undoubtedly is the garage door track. As its name suggests, this track guides door movement through its various stages of up and down. All motion is carried out by rollers moving through the track. Most of the time, these hard-working rollers function without a hitch. But occasionally, usually after years of operation, they can come off the track. When this occurs, your garage door is pretty much immobilized. It’s not moving a centimeter until the situation is duly rectified. If you’re facing such a situation, Best Bet Garage Door Company can provide a speedy solution with expert off track garage door repair. As with all our other services, correcting track problems is a process we’re thoroughly experienced in.

Before making repairs, our team pinpoints the precise causes of roller separation. Any number of factors can be to blame. For instance, maybe the rollers are broken, the tracks are out of alignment, or the hinges are worn. Occasionally, a broken cable could be the guilty party. All these and more are known causes of track-jumping.

Be aware, however, that the causes of track problems may have additional consequences. These malfunctioning components can spread severe damage to other parts. In a worst-case scenario, the culprits can wreak havoc with your garage door motor, causing it stop working altogether. So, the choice is yours — repair an off-track garage door or risk causing collateral damage to additional parts. In the long run, the former likely will prove the least expensive option. It also will prove the least stressful.

Sometimes, of course, you just can’t wait. You absolutely must get your vehicle in or out of the garage. Entirely understandable. But don’t put yourself at risk. Any attempt to move the garage door on your own, even a smidgen, makes you vulnerable to injury. Doors have been known to come loose because of unwarranted tampering. Getting neighbors and family to help won’t mitigate the risk. Unless your assistants are knowledgeable in the field of garage doors, their intervention simply spreads the risk to an extended group. And guess what – ten pulled back muscles aren’t better than one. No, your best option is and always will be getting professional assistance with off track garage door repair.

For Best Bet Garage Door, correcting track problems is more than bringing technical expertise to your doorstep. It’s also about fostering a gratifying customer experience. You’ll find that once our team arrives, you’ll instantly feel the right decision was made. Projecting a confident, friendly manner, our experts provide a welcome sense of reassurance. When the job is done, you’ll realize the reassurance was well-founded. Yes, your garage door is running smoothly again! And it all seemed so easy.

Do you need or think you might need off track garage door repair? Don’t settle for second best. Call the experts acclaimed for their uncompromising service and reliable solutions – Best Bet Garage Door Company. Whether you’re in Orange County or San Diego County, our technicians are available to service your needs quickly and efficiently. If you’d like to schedule an inspection or get more information, we’re ready to help. Simply reach out to our team at 1 (877) 619-3667.