Our certified repair team delivers prompt service to homeowners throughout the San Diego and Orange County areas. Schedule free estimates for your garage door or gate from a Best Bet office in your community. We’ll help you figure out what is not working properly and what can be done about it. We have the best solution to get it working like new.

Are you looking for a second opinion? Are you just shopping for the best value? Let us know how we can serve you best. Our community-based technicians and service representatives are ready with competitive pricing for repairs, installation, replacement services. They’re all expertly trained and certified garage door repair technicians who are willing to deliver total satisfaction.

Best Bet is a certified full-service garage door repair and installation company. We operate throughout San Diego and Orange counties. We have an office that’s in your community. Call us for a free estimate. Ask us about our full range of installation, repair and replacement services. All of our repair work is 100% guaranteed. If you’re not happy, we’ll do whatever we must to make it right!

Professional Garage Door Service
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Best Bet Garage Door Repair Services

Best Bet Garage Door Repair

A smooth-running garage door is a safe garage door. If your garage door is not functioning correctly or is noisy, it could be a sign that there’s an unsafe situation. Protect your family and yourself and get that garage door fixed! Best Bet Garage Door Company can make it run like new again!

Garage Door Frayed or Broken Cable Replacement Services

Frayed or Broken Cable Replacement

It can be dangerous if your cables are frayed. A yearly check up on the garage door is recommended. A trained garage door technician can come out to evaluate the door to make sure you and your family have a reliable garage door. The cables are also referred to as a “wire” that hang down when they break.

Off Track Garage Door Repair

Off Track Garage Door Repair

Did your garage door rollers come off the track? Or maybe some of the rollers are broken, or the tracks themselves are out of alignment? Maybe the hinges are worn out, or they’ve become corroded over the years and don’t move smoothly? Any of these situations can lead to more expense later. The can cause additional damage to other parts. They can even cause your door opener motor to fail.

Garage Door Spring Replacement Services

Garage Door Spring Replacement

Homeowners often overlook the garage door springs. Did you know that well-balanced springs can increase the trouble-free operation of your garage door and door opener? It’s true. The garage door springs are the heartbeat of the door. A properly balanced door spring is crucial for extending the life of your garage door investment.

Annual Garage Door & Opener Tune Up

Annual Garage Door & Opener Tune Up

Drivers often get them for their cars to maximize performance and endurance. But somehow, people overlook this crucial service for another important mechanical entity. Yes, tune-ups are important to maintain the solid performance of your garage door. Best Bet Garage Door Company offers this service for a full range of door types. With our comprehensive garage door tune ups, you’ll preserve the performance of your door and keep it running like new throughout the year.