Firstudt Garage Doors 1

The STEELHOUSE™ Carriage House Door will have an immediate impact on the curb appeal of any home.

Firstudt Garage Doors 2

SteeLite® is an alternative design for the price conscious consumer who understands a garage door’s impact on the curb appeal of their home.

Firstudt Garage Doors 3

The Woodie Plank™ Series garage doors are the ultimate in classic craftsmanship combined with modern engineering.

Firstudt Garage Doors 4

The Universal Series are cost-effective steel garage doors manufactured for strength and longevity.

A garage door from First United Door is an investment you will enjoy every day. It will add value to your home, and you will appreciate the durability and reliability offered by their quality doors.

First United Door is a Tempe, Arizona-based garage door manufacturer. The company is owned by the former owners and senior management of Anozira Door Systems. Since 1982, the company has been serving Homeowners across the Nation with unique and distinctive garage doors that enhance the beauty and value of homes. With over 150 years of door installation and manufacturing experience, the company is well-known for providing value drive, innovative and quality products at very competitive prices.

1st United Garage Doors

Best Bet Garage Door is certified to install and repair 1st United residential garage doors. Homeowners can select sectional doors in steel or wood. The manufacturer’s panel designs offer the opportunity to change the repetitive nature of raised panel doors. For instance, their Steelhouse Carriage Doors have become the choice of many builders, and homeowners alike, across the county for their value of enhancing the home’s curb appeal. First United Door Technologies was the first garage door manufacturer to pioneer this technology. With several patents issued, First United Door Technologies continues to improve upon the products design and construction, further solidifying its role as the innovator and leader of the steel garage doors.

Responsible Manufacturing, Sustainable Living

First United Door Technologies is also known for adopting energy-efficiency for both their operations and the technologies they provide with their products. Their “Green Policy” is standard for businesses that are committed to conducting business activities that responsibly use resources and safeguard the environment. The company takes a comprehensive approach to sustainable, environmentally conscious living:

  • Promote environmental management across all products & business processes.
  • Environmentally conscious products with minimal environmental impact throughout product lifecycles.
  • Proactively promoting “reduction, reuse and recycling” on many fronts in an effort to minimize our use of nonrenewable resources.