Universal Garage Doors 1

Built for strength. Built to last.

The Universal Series are cost-effective steel garage doors manufactured for strength and longevity. The Universal Series offers various models of garage doors, with short panel, long panel and the unique bead board raised panel embossments. A flush panel is also available in some gauges. These are cost effective garage doors produced with exceptional quality and workmanship, using only the finest manufacturing components. These are embossed with a woodgrain texture finish accented by the panel design.

The Universal Series garage doors set the standard when it comes to beauty, durability and value.

1st United Door Technologies disclaims any quality issue related to aesthetic oil canning on pan door product. Oil Canning can be defined as visible waviness in the flat areas of metal garage door and is referred to as elastic buckling (more commonly known as “stress wrinkling”). The degree of waviness can be difficult to measure, but may be apparent, especially under specific lighting conditions.