Chris C. San Diego, CA 1Chris C. San Diego, CA

I placed my bet on Best Bet Garage Door for a repair in Oceanside. It really paid out. Pun intended.


Here’s what happened:

1. RESPONSIVE! A real human being answered the phone. Thank you DJ! I called many other places and they didn’t answer or gave me a voicemail.

2. AVAILABLE! DJ was able to schedule Alex to assist me that same day.

3. PUNCTUAL! Alex arrived at the beginning of the schedule time.

4. TALENTED! Alex was able to fix the garage door damage that wouldn’t open/close and it looks great.

5. AFFORDABLE! The cost of the repair was within my budget for the work.

6. PROFESSIONAL! Both DJ and Alex were honest and kind.

P.S. This is a great example of how to run a business. Take note all you crappy businesses out there!