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Myron Murray Carlsbad Garage Door Repair Google 5 Star Client Review

To the point: trustworthy, on-time, listened to my issue, understood I knew what I was talking about. There were two options, the less expensive (replace a capacitor or a new motor). As soon as he saw the cap knowing it was bad, he replaced and all was good. No BS and garage door fully functional now. Greased the wheels and spring, checked the balance and made sure everything in working order. More importantly, I made an appt. which was to be this following Tues when I had hoped for today (Fri) or Sat. They called me early Friday and told me a Friday appt was available. Hot damn, perfect. This rarely happens. These guys got my attention. Great service call, Alex treated me right and total bill was more then reasonable. Will call these guys again for ANY garage door service. They will work with you.

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