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Garage Door Repair Escondido


Properly maintaining your garage door is one of the most important parts of home ownership. Yet is is one thing that many people forget to take care of until the door breaks. Once that happens, you’ll need to quickly find a reliable company to provide garage door repair in Escondido. Having regular maintenance performed on your door will help to keep it working as it should.

Annual Garage Door Tune-Up

One of the best ways to ensure the safety and reliability of your garage door is with an annual inspection. An inspection and tune-up should be done by a reputable technician who specializes in garage door repair in Escondido. You want to be sure that the door will keep you and your family safe.

Annual maintenance begins with a visual inspection of the door and all the mechanisms. Door operation is examined to make sure that it works as it should. Some of the parts require some general maintenance such as lubrication and tightening. The springs may need an adjustment to keep the door balanced.

Repair Services

Repair services may be necessary when the door encounters a malfunction. It is important to choose a repair company that will try to fix the problem before simply suggesting a replacement. Garage doors are manufactured by many different companies but they all function in similar ways.

An experienced repair technician will quickly determine the problem with the door and will provide an estimate for repair. Many times a simple repair or replacement part are all that is needed to fix your door so it will operate properly again. If your door is not working right you should call for service as soon as possible. Trying to operate the door when the mechanism has problems could result in further damage.

24/7 Repair

When your garage door stops working you need it fixed as soon as possible. It is important to know what to do if your door isn’t functioning. First, disconnect the door from the power. This is done by flipping the circuit breaker that operates the door. This will keep your door from injuring anyone.

If your door is still on the track it can probably still be operated manually. To do so, pull the emergency rope that is hanging near the door. This disengages the door from the opener mechanism and allows you to pull the door open and closed by hand. It’s essential that you know about this feature in case of an emergency. If the door’s electronic automatic functions aren’t working it is a dangerous situation because it could seriously injure a family member.

When the door is damaged, crooked, or jammed it won’t move. This requires immediate attention from a qualified company providing garage door repair in Escondido. Call Best Bet Garage Door to handle all of your garage door installation, repair, and maintenance needs. We offer high quality services in the Escondido area. We also provide emergency services to resolve your problem as soon as possible. Call to schedule an appointment today.

Garage Door Repair Escondido
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