The garage door opener is equipped with two safety features that may prevent the door from closing and cause the lights to flash.

The Lock Button on the Door Control

The lock button on the door control may be activated. Press the button to turn this feature off. The light bulb will blink two times. This feature is designed to prompt you that the lock button is activated. When the lock button is ON the garage door opener will work from the door control but the remote controls are locked out.

The Safety Reversing Sensors

The most common reason for the lights to flash on the garage door opener and the door not closing is that the safety reversing sensors are misaligned or obstructed; this is a safety feature of the garage door opener.

When properly connected and aligned, the sensor will detect an obstacle in the path of its electronic beam. If an obstruction breaks the light beam while the door is closing, the door will stop and reverse to full open position, and the opener lights will flash 10 times.

Your garage door opener is equipped with a Self Diagnostic feature to help you determine what the issue is. Based on the model of your garage door opener, your garage door opener will flash an LED next to your learn button or flash the Up and Down arrows a number of times to indicate the issue. Use the table below to diagnose and resolve the issue.

 LED Up/Down Arrow Symptom Answer
1 1 Up 1 Down Wires are cut, or not connected
2 1 Up 2 Down Wires are reversed, or there is a short in the wiring
4 1 Up 4 Down Safety Sensors are misaligned, or were momentarily obstructed

NOTE: The garage door can be closed by pressing and holding the door control push bar until down travel is completed.