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Garage Door Spring Replacement


You press your garage door opener when suddenly you hear loud noises and your door stops working. There are a number of problems that can cause your door to malfunction. When it does, you’ll need to call for garage repair service. One of the most common problems with a door occurs when the spring stops working. Garage door spring replacement is something that is best left to the professionals.  

Regular Inspection

Most homeowners don’t pay much attention to their garage doors, but this can be a mistake. You should regularly inspect the mechanics of the door to ensure that it’s working correctly. If you find a problem it is better to have it fixed before it worsens or causes damage. There are a few things you can inspect on your own garage door.

To perform an inspection, stand inside the garage with the door down. Then, operate the door to the open position. While it is opening take note of any noises and vibrations. These may not be normal. Put the door back down and make sure that it goes all the way to the ground. There should not be any space under the door. If you notice anything that is not normal you should have it checked before it worsens.

Types of Garage Door Problems

There are a few types of problems that can happen to your garage door. The operator may stop working. If this happens, it will need to be repaired or replaced. The rollers, the frame and cables could get damaged or loosened over time. These items can usually be replaced without much trouble. The springs also a concern because they keep the door stable and ensure that it goes up and down properly.

If the springs are worn or out of adjustment it could cause the entire door to become out of alignment. Garage door spring replacement may be necessary. If so, the door can be made to function correctly again as long as the door isn’t damaged.

Repairs and Maintenance

It is important to keep your garage door properly maintained. If you fail to do so it could result in various troubles in the future. It is advisable to have your garage door inspected and maintained annually by a reputable garage door specialist. A yearly maintenance check will make sure that all the parts are functioning as they should and will catch potential malfunctions before they worsen.

Don’t wait until your door breaks to get it repaired. Once there is a problem it may cause other parts of the door to become damaged and fixing it could be more difficult and costly. A trained garage door technician will be able to quickly determine whether there are any parts of the door that need preemptive maintenance or repairs.

Whether you need an inspection, maintenance, or a garage door spring replacement, you need a garage door company you can count on. At Best Bet Garage Door we provide high quality affordable services for all your needs.

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