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Garage Door Repair Orange County

Best Bet Garage Door Company offers affordable garage door repair in Orange County and beyond. If your garage door opening system is giving you trouble, turn to the experts from Best Bet for reliable, prompt service any time of the day or night. Best Bet understands their clients require immediate service when their garage door systems are not working properly- and are dedicated to providing 24/7 service when you call 877-619-3667.

Not all garage door repair companies in Orange County are as committed as Best Bet to providing a range of services that are designed to meet the needs of every customer. With options for timely repair, annual maintenance, replacement and full installation, Best Bet is able to assist their customers in a way that is unique.

Most issues with garage doors are minor and require only a cost-effective repair or a replacement of the spring. You may require a small repair to your system if you notice any of the following issues:

Obvious Broken Spring

You may observe that your garage door spring has broken, depending on the make of your system. Many systems feature an external spring that is easy to identify in the event that it has broken. Other systems incorporate an internal spring that is not identifiable by visual inspection. Your garage door spring should be the first place of inspection if you’re experiencing problems with the system.

Non-functioning Remote

It’s easy to forget about replacing the batteries in your remote. Best Bet Garage Door Company recommends that you avoid using rechargeable batteries and replace your remote batteries at the first sign that your garage door is not responding to your remote. You may not need a repair at all- just new batteries.

The Door is Off Of its Track

Never try to open or close a garage door that is visibly off of its track. Serious injury could occur from the heavy weight of the door moving in a way that is not optimal for function. Call Best Bet at 877-619-3667 to request service and have a tech take a look at what’s going on. It’s the safest thing you can do under the circumstances.

Door Closes and Immediately Opens Again

Your garage door may have a limit setting that is causing this issue. New installations that have not been set properly are almost always the culprit here. If you installed your garage door opening system yourself or had a friend or family install the system, chances are they set the door limit improperly and the system does not recognize that the door has reached the closed position when it reaches the ground, causing it to reverse its direction as though an object is obscuring its path. Very often, the setting can be adjusted by the homeowner. When in doubt, call Best Bet at 877-619-3667.

For immediate garage door repair in your Orange County home, call on the pros from Best Bet before a small issue becomes a large problem. A tech from Best Bet Garage Door Company will be happy to come out and restore your system to full operation.

Garage Door Repair Orange County
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