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Garage Door Repair Encinitas

Are you having problems with your garage door opening system? Contact an expert from Best Bet for professional garage door repair in Encinitas. Best Bet Garage Door Company offers 24/7 service for urgent and everyday garage door repairs, so don’t hesitate to call no matter the hour. Best Bet knows the security of your home is compromised while your garage door system is out of service, so they’ll work hard to repair the breach in your home’s entryway.

If you have a broken spring, take heart. It’s not uncommon for a garage door spring to overextend or break during the normal course of everyday use. Typical garage door springs may last anywhere from 4-9 years, so it’s bound to happen to every homeowner with a garage sooner or later. When calling for a spring replacement, talk to your repair tech about replacing your springs with heavy duty garage door springs that can last as long as 50 years, depending on the make and type you select.

If your garage door has come off of its tracks, there are numerous possibilities as to what the problem could be. Only a certified technician would work on your garage door if it has come off of its tracks- and a repair should be scheduled as soon as possible to prevent an injury. Fixing an off-trace garage door as early as possible can save you a significant amount of money on a larger repair later.

Once a tech has your garage door operating smoothly again, an annual maintenance plan can ensure that it continues to function properly year after year. Any machinery with moving parts would be lubricated and maintained on a consistent basis to prevent corrosion and to catch minor issues before they turn into catastrophes. Best Bet recommends a once-a-year maintenance package that will go far to avoid having to calling for a garage door repair in your Encinitas home at a time that is inopportune to your family.

Best Bet recommends that you personally examine your garage door system once a year. It may be beneficial to select a time that is approximately 6 months out of your annual maintenance plan to see whether everything is functioning properly. The first step in performing the self-check is to disengage the emergency release on your garage door, and manually open and close the door. Make certain the door opens and closed without making banging or clacking noises. Raise and lower the door with one hand to check for smooth operation that does not fly open or slam shut in an uncontrolled manner.

Visual inspection of your cables & chain, torsion springs, rollers and track will complete your self-check. If you feel it necessary, use a quality lubricant on your system’s moving parts. Preventative maintenance is key in saving money on unnecessary repairs down the line. At any time that you find your system is not operating the way you expect it to, call Best Bet for an affordable garage door repair in your Encinitas home- the number is 877-619-3667.

Garage Door Repair Encinitas
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